SIMM, International Machinery Manufacturing, Shenzen International Convention & Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, China

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March 28 – 31

 Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry exhibition (SIMM), held annually since 2000, is the largest professional manufacturing exhibition in southern China and always provides detailed exhibition consultation, services and Chinese professional forums both for exhibitors and visitors at home and abroad. Over 19 years’ endeavor, SIMM has transformed into a smart international manufacturing ecosystem with advanced technologies and customized processing solutions from a traditional exhibition platform of showing, dealing and purchasing.

In 2018, SIMM attracted 1,155 Exhibitors and 135,000 visitors.

As a professional manufacturing exhibition, SIMM makes all efforts to attract industrial experts, leading companies and excellent technicians in order to be an international information platform for exchanging ideas of advanced technology and customized manufacturing solutions.